NZ VHF Radio requirments

Why it is important to use a Marine VHF Radio:

  1. To communicate distress immediately.
  2. Continuous contact with search and rescue nationwide.
  3. To hear other boaties in distress.
  4. To get regular weather updates.
  5. A cell phone lets you talk to one person, a VHF lets you talk to many people.
  6. It could save your life in an emergency

Marine VHF Radio Call Signs (NZ waters only)

A Marine VHF Radio Call Sign is a unique identification code for your boat. It is registered on the National Search and Rescue database, and provides instant information about your vessel to help SAR personnel find you faster.


NOTE: You are required by Law to have a VHF marine radio ticket to use a VHF radio in NZ and also a VHF Call sign.