Danger At Sea.

Hi if you reading this you probably have a boat?

One of the biggest dangers we see in our workshop is incorrectly wired boats,  Wiring hanging down from the dash or under the transom, Chocolate blocks filled with an assortment of rusty wires and fuses that the previous owner fitted and you haven’t gotten around to fixing or identifying.

Its not the 12volts that will kill you it’s the electrical fire that starts in the lining behind the dash or under the transom were you have the batteries and fuel tanks.

Another reason for having good wiring is the electronics you rely on, the radio fort the weather forecast or when you need help, the plotter when the fog comes down or it gets dark, navigation lights when for one reason or another you get caught out at night, the 12 volt charging socket you have your cell phone plugged into, your bilge pump and the engine that needs power to start have you ever tried to pull start a big engine or even worse crash start one.

Some photos. Douse your boat look like this?